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Call for Collaboration: Live MIDI Sequencing with OCaml EDSLs

Seb Mondet
FARM Workshop, Sat, 29 Sep 2018

Who is this already?

I'm Seb Mondet:

  • By Day: Software Engineering / Dev-Ops at Mount Sinai Health System, NYC
    • Bionformatics.
    • Dev-ops.
  • By Nights/Week-ends: Musician
    • {Bass,Electric,Classical} Guitar.
    • Various bands over the years.
    • One Electro/funk/drum'n'bass project.

This Talk is a Call For Contribution

  • Using example to run through ideas.
  • Attempt at being very generic.
  • A few OCaml libraries/applications:
    • Point of communication: JSON files.
    • → room for other languages
    • All ISC || MIT licenses.


What's the need?

  • Live music, partially improvised.
  • Electronic music and human musicians.
  • MIDI-based hardware.
  • Flexibility.
  • Multiscale Composition.

This is not:

  • “Live coding.”
  • Algorithmic music.

Example Setup: Laptop

NI3 Dance on stage with laptop

Example Setup: MIDI Controller